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I do wonder however if this will create a completely simple system? Personally, I’m not a Froome fan and definitely don’t want him to win TdF no. Also, I said it might be a better system than the current one, I didn’t say it was the ideal system.

All in all I don’t think he should be more leniently treated than e. I’d actually like UCI to face damages for continued leaks, they’re so unprofessional and are one of the major reasons cycling’s development is far behind other sports.

If Froome was to have his negotiated down by the same proportion as Ulissi did, he would be hit with an 18 month ban. AAF, which means that if he is found guilty his suspension will not be allowed to be backdated. On the other hand he often has a cough during his post race interviews and that is pretty typical of poorly managed asthma.

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For all we know, this could be commonplace. Have you thought that he might wait until the cameras aren’t on him to avoid more hysteria? If anything, using an inhaler in the open might look like you have nothing to hide. TUEs and when in the calendar year would give a lot of context.

WADA of 800mcg in a 12 hour period. Cyclists and other endurance athletes often experience asthmatic episodes. That’s the pharmokinetic battle and that is where the false positive rate comes in.

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Which means that the UCI is supposed to already have the data, isn’t it? Too much bad publicity, bad for business and so on. That studies show it is possible to do X and get Y doesn’t mean this applies to Froome, of the 32 athletes cited above 12 stayed within the margin and it’s not about them or the particular test protocol. The question is how much salbutamol did he actually use, rather than did he use any.

So yeah the analytical level test may be very precise in determining the analytical level, but is the analytical level a good test for the actual doping test? If anything, you declare it on the medication used form when they do the anti-doping test. When I feel that I need it I will take 3 or 4 puffs but I don’t even know what my dosage is. Fluticasone is a daily one, more a preventative, so I take two sprays.

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A further point is that the asthmatics’ comments indicate how impossible it is for Froome to replicate conditions in order to prove his innocence. Sky has a history of skating on thin ice, sailing close to the wind or in cycling terms riding close to the edge, no wonder they fall of the cliff. If you need a masking agent, use it when you need it. Froome have taken quite so much of this drug? If you need to declare it, you certainly wouldn’t declare it to the UCI, who have at least in theory nothing to do with the anti-doping enforcement. To know of every allegation or suspicion has its own effects too.

If it turned out that you couldn’t legally force teams to comply, you name the teams who refuse to sign. You are advocating trial by press and public and coercion to go along with rules. The leak is unusual and remember this is an ongoing case rather than a verdict.

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The test limit is 1000 nanograms per mililitre of urine. They’ve erred twice with both of their star riders. Yes the inhaler dispenses a set volume of squirt but rarely does it all go down into the windpipe. But, I don’t think an unresolved salbutamol case leaked to the french and english press is being open. If you don’t like the legal rights to medical privacy then don’t comment on this topic! The open nature of the specific rules on salbutamol mean this is not an open and shut case.

And its why courts of many kinds require anonymity and confidentiality. If a Substance or Method is not defined in this list, please verify with your Anti-Doping Organization. I thought the guy has some brass neck to be doing it right in front of the cameras. For the rest of this article: fine work.

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The damage and doubts have been sown. If you tell your doctor they will probably prescribe salbutamol for you. There are several explanations, but whichever one chooses, the outcome is not good. Yes, it is weird isn’t it?

Answer the point about medical privacy which is a European right, for example. If I want to work on the railways I have to be drunk and drug free. It’s a muscle relaxant and dilates the airways and hence lets you get more air in. So in theory somebody with asthma could show up with 850 in their test day in day out and nobody would bat an eyelid but really they’ve been using it to mask something much more sinister which is lurking in there as well.

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Another in the seemingly constant drip of scandal with pro cycling. Yeah, that’s the way to get a clean sport. Plus, cycling’s anti-doping system is arguably better than any other sport. I had about TUEs, namely why not make all this public? ULISSIS GONTADOR y pare de contar .

But this case concerns use of a known medication that everyone has known Froome was using for years. Without an inhaler I would go into oxygen debt quickly and my body would make me vomit in an attempt to make me stop running. The consequences of a Froome ban, I think, will lead to Sky pulling the plug.

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And it’s only publishing results of voluntary drug tests that they take as part of the sport. None of this exonerates Froome, indeed quite how Froome scored double the permitted level . The UCI doesn’t normally suspend riders following A sample findings for this category. If you’d rather not be subject to any of this don’t bother us. SKY was as bad as Tex and Co.

Salbutamol was once labeled a masking agent, but that has been proven false. I think that both the anabolic and the stimulant effect are quoted by authorities as reasons to establish the thresholds in antidoping rules, but I didn’t check the source. This is a leak due to unprofessionalism, not to help the greater good of clean cycling.

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Are those the same guys who lose their laptops containing the medical records so conveniently? Didn’t Riccardo Ricco have a certificate to show that he had a naturally high haematocrit dating back to before he was a professional cyclist. That would provide some context without breaching riders’ right to privacy when they were found to have no case to answer. My eyeballs in front of the TV are what pay for the riders’ wages. I always thought although counter intuitive that this was why a seemingly large population of athletes tend to suffer. That means though that athletes can use things like salbutamol, of course with limits.

However, if I’m running, taking it vs not taking the puff is a huge difference. Talking about masking agents, it is interesting to note when the control happened. Whether an individual suffers particularly badly from asthma when not competing is not germane to the inquiry. Why do you personally NEED to know? We can do X, Y and Z. It is a brochodilator and used in common anti-asthma treatments like Ventolin puffers.

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We’ve still got a loooooooong way to go! You are legally allowed to use an inhaler. It saddens me to come to this conclusion, but if SKY decides the investment is becoming constantly tarnished, and withdrew their support, I for one would not be surprised.

Letting him off on a technicality is just as bad, maybe worse. Why wasn’t Team Sky monitoring this situation? I find it frustrating to read comments by people that asthmatics shouldn’t take part in competition if they need salbutamol. As most folk who have ever ridden a bike know, asthma or similar breathing issues are very common, breathing in all the road dust and dust from the various fields next to the roads for extended periods of time is not good for lung health.