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He denies any symptoms but has smoked a pack of cigarettes daily for the past 32 years. If my father is unable to swallow, I will discontinue the feeding and call the clinic.

A client is admitted for an MRI. DESCRIPTION: Electrolyte, cation, Physiologic calcium channel blocker, CNS depressant and anticonvulsant.

The nurse is planning care based on assessment of the client. If they don’t use chalk to autograph, it is okay.

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50, pulse 132, and respirations 30. Which of the following best characterizes constipation? Answer Explained Prolapsed Hemorrhoid Treatment is typically handled surgically because of the inherent severity of the condition and the nature of its symptoms. Hyponatremia occurs in both primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency, although it has different causes. The nurse is educating the lady’s club in self-breast exam. Which long-term plans would be most therapeutic for the client?

Answer Explained Doxycycline had many FDA approved clinical uses. Advertising is common in healthcare journals as well as through more mainstream media routes. Based on the nurse’s assessment the client is in which phase of labor?

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The endoscopic exam showed which of the following? ACTIONS: Prolongs action potential and refractory period. A method for quantifying adrenocortical nodular hyperplasia at autopsy: some use of the method in illuminating hypertension and atherosclerosis”. Which client should be assigned to a private room if only one is available? A patient complains of burning retrosternal pain after eating a large meal. While assessing the postpartal client, the nurse notes that the fundus is displaced to the right.

Answer Explained Hemoptysis – Common anxiety signs and symptoms include: feeling apprehensive, feeling powerless, having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom, having an increased heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, trembling and feeling weak or tired. Answer Explained Scabies produces a skin rash composed of small red bumps and blisters and affects specific areas of the body. Because of the very long time needed for discovery, development, and approval of pharmaceuticals, these costs can accumulate to nearly half the total expense. Albumin is the predominant protein excreted. The nurse is performing an initial assessment of a newborn Caucasian male delivered at 32 weeks gestation.

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A 31-year-old man presents with repetitive generalized motor convulsions that continue for 35 minutes until 2 mg of lorazepam are administered intravenously. Lab results show : Hemoglobin 10. What is the next most appropriate step? I would just do as many practice questions as possible.

The nurse decides to apply an external fetal monitor. The first of these were local apothecaries that expanded from their traditional role distributing botanical drugs such as morphine and quinine to wholesale manufacture in the mid 1800s. Answer Explained New treatment guidelines for gout recommend decreasing uric acid levels to less than 6. Since your uterus puts pressure on your bladder most heavily in the third trimester, this means you’ll probably have to go to the bathroom more than you ever did before.

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She denies previous trauma or medical problems. Which instruction should be included in the discharge teaching? A 33-year-old male is being evaluated for possible acute leukemia. The pain may spread to the groin, buttocks, or legs. A diabetic with severe peripheral vascular disease undergoes amputation of his foot.

The 6-month-old client with a ventral septal defect is receiving Digitalis for regulation of his heart rate. Answer Explained Recent regulatory and clinical concerns have brought into sharp focus antipsychotic drug-induced QTc interval prolongation, torsades de pointes, and sudden cardiac death. I’m so excited to find your page last night. The physician has ordered an intravenous infusion of Pitocin for the induction of labor.

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Antihypertensive agents for preventing diabetic kidney disease”. A client with hypothyroidism asks the nurse if she will still need to take thyroid medication during the pregnancy. This information determines medical treatmen of recurrent gout attacks.

Vital signs are all within normal limits and his lung sounds are clear without wheezes, rales or rhonchi. Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of a plaster-of-Paris cast? What is the most likely diagnosis? A patient who underwent hip replacement surgery 6 months ago is scheduled to undergo a dental procedure. The client collects stamps as a hobby.

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It can appear anywhere from one day to one month after a tick bite. Lasix 2000mg in 200mL is prescribed at 1 mg per min. A 3-day old infant presents with bilateral conjunctival hyperemia, mild swelling and nonpurulent discharge.

Which of the following orders should be questioned by the nurse? A 48 year-old male develops mild to moderate shortness of breath postoperative day 3 after a complete hip replacement. Which medication should be added in patient having stable angina on maximal dosing of beta blockers? She experiences abdominal pain and frequent urination. A client tells the doctor that she is about 20 weeks pregnant. He states that her recently recovered from a bad viral illness and started to have this pain 4 days ago.

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An 8 day post op CABG patient has lower extremity edema, elevated JVD that does not fall with inspiration, a positive Kussmaul sign and reduced mitral inflow velocities with inspiration. The client is admitted to the chemical dependence unit with an order for continuous observation. Which observation would the nurse be expected to make after the amniotomy? A 50 year old man is brought in by ambulance for being confused, constantly moving and on exam he exhibits spasmodic contractions of the facial and neck muscles.

A 32-year-old mother of three is brought to the clinic. Which finding by the nurse indicates that the traction is working properly? Chest tubes assist with cardiac function by stabilizing lung expansion.

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Which menu selection will best meet the nutritional needs of the pregnant client? Two other family members have died of heart disease, one at age 50, the other at 56. A 23 year old female complains of a worsening sore throat for 3 weeks.

MANAGEMENT OF LOWER EXTREMITY PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE”. Which of the following indicates that the client has experienced toxicity to this drug? Bleeding on the dressing is 3cm in diameter. Answer Explained Dec O2, Inc CO2, Dec pH – When a patient stops breathing, they are unable to breath in Oxygen and breath off CO2. The nurse is teaching basic infant care to a group of first-time parents. A hypomanic state is most likely to be an adverse effect of therapy with which of the following medicines?

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Which of the following instructions should be included in the nurse’s teaching regarding oral contraceptives? He denies any past medical history, recent travel, and has never smoked. Certain mutations may be associated with an increased risk of sudden death.

Health impact of measles vaccination in the United States”. 1 abortion, and has 2 living children. Some medications for depression also increase the brain chemical serotonin. Disorders may include: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Brain tumor, Meningitis, Multiple sclerosis, Spinal cord injury, defect, or tumor and Stroke.