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Recently on January 5, 2006, I had an angiogram done to check two stents for blockage. But, it should be out of your system in about a month when you stop taking it completely. 2 units of blood, a hole was poked in my bladder and after surgery both legs were numb.

It is usually not serious and resolves itself, but it should definitely be checked by the cardiologist to make sure it’s not a sign of something more serious, like internal bleeding. 29 ativan its been 4 days help! This is fourth day on ventilator — 5 pints of blood — fluid in the lungs. After two weeks of this, I went to the chiropractor.

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2014 when I went to a walk in clinic, and the Dr. I am also having pain in my lower back on standing. I don’t know wether I am having anxiety or if its my heart trying to tell me something. Hello, I was prescribed this medication because I showed up in the emergency room with an apparent high blood pressure attack, just out of now where. I have had 2 other cardiac caths — never had pain in lower leg.

05 Alprazolam 2 times daily and 7. My doctor has no clue what is wrong with me. DDR – Out The Door and Down The Road. How can I put 5lb of weight on in 1 weekend.

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I told my doctor I felt like a drug addict, thank God I feel fine now. RCA block, he has done angioplasty 2 times before 1 month but it was not successful. 5mg for two months for alcohol withdrawal and panic attacks and anxiety. 1 ml and stalopalm plus for 10 days and i dint find the oppurtunity to meet the doctor, so i self decided to extend it for another 10 days.

The process of hair growth can be speeded up through a good diet. CFT – chronic food toxicity i. It’s lessened now but still comes back sporadically, esp with movement of the leg. A week after I stopped, my body started adding weight and water retention in my thighs and but which came and went. It started with a food-borne illness several years ago. 5mg daily from next week for 5weeks then see the Dr.

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I’ve been eating every couple of hours trying to help with the shakiness. I wrote to the Forum in Sept. Everything was cleared, but I started having pain in my right thigh after I went home.

No side effects that I can tell. I was put to sleep and don’t know what happened during surgery. FCBP – Fellow of the College of Bystander Physicians i. Call your doctor if you suffer from any symptoms that may require medical attention. The more I work out, the better the lymphedema has gotten. I have gone under many studies and blood work and everything comes back normal.

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Blood pressure is up and down. Nida, have you looked at what you eat? Addiction is unlikely to occur in your father’s case, as psychological cravings may not be present.

And back when I was in the nursing home and lost nearly 70 pounds, I have kept that off, and 20 pounds more. 5 mg twice a day for 3 months, then . It seems that it is usually either, or, not both feet. I believe there must be some nerve damage but all the docs will do is give her pain pills.

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When I do lie down I loose lots of water and feel really slim like I did when I wake up in the morning. I hope you have success and keep us all posted on how things go. I have on lorazepam 1mg after surgery for quite a while, stopped taking it 1 week today ago yesterday.

Are you active or do you sit around too much? 5mg to be taken at bedtime which I haven’t taken yet and don’t want to, so it’s been 5 days on the 0. NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS POST ABLATION EXCEPT A LITTLE BRUISING AND PAIN FOR A FEW DAYS. Thanks again for your response and suggestions for surgery-it sounds like a lot of us could benefit from at least exploring that avenue. This is how you can do your own investigation of your problem. I also was told that there was alcohol in my system, haven’t had a drink of any kind for nearly 3 yrs!

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I am currently in remission, but due to drug allergies, exacerbations can be controlled only by cortizone over long periods of time. I couldn’t walk for 8 weeks after, have a lot of pain in my right leg also my left arm and shoulder. Twelve years have gone by, I’ve had three children, still have optimal weight, but the water retention is still there! Leeches – those who take blood samples, e.

The NExt Afternoon you will NOT piss dirty! I now know why, “femoral nerve” pain from the angiogram. I wound up in the hospital requiring emergency surgery to have the device and the lead removed, and I then required 8 LONG weeks in a nursing home so my incision could be cleaned and packed. I was done to 98 pounds.

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I have secondary leg lymphodema , which is well managed , but I knelt on a foam mat whilst gerdening for 1. Take ’em when you get where you will have bathroom access. Traces of Lorazepam can be found in urine for at perhaps a day or two. Now I am up to 2 doses a day for the past month and now for three weeks I have been feeling dizzy all the time. I am a 43 year old male and I retain a lot of water.

I believe I started menopause 4 years ago. Had a heart catheterization in August 2006 in Thailand. The skin is dead on the top now. I elevated the foot of my 10 inches which helps a lot, but if you get swelling you need to dump excess water.

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And now he is experiencing hear loss. There are only 4 surgeons in the United States who deal with Femoral Nerve Damage. Why would your physician ever decide not to take your complaints seriously? Last October 2005, I had a heart attack and then open heart surgery with 5 bypasses.

I can’t understand why this is happening. Then I took another the next day without feeling of panic attack. I’m curious what your thoughts are. How long were you taking lorazepam? He’s been on the program before and it was very successful.

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Anyway, I am wanting to travel to Nepal for a 20 day cycling tour in the high Himalayas- going to Everest Base camp. Been going to the gym 3-4 days a week for 25 years. I am 29 with a low hemoglobin.

I am being treated for that. I’m sore, tired headaches, runny nose, dry cough. Frankly i would like to quit but I can not! I was diagnosed with Lymphedema 2 years ago and told to never take a diuretic.