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I called my doctor, they said if it still is like this in 2 weeks to call back. Is there mould in your home? I figured my life was done.

He did state they could go in again but through the groin area and try to fix the problem but he wasn’t positive that it wouldn’t create more problems, so he would rather leave it alone. It is not a calorie-controlled diet, it is just a test to identify causes of water retention. I must say you have hi quality content here. ALSO has low electrolytes, then you need to find a way to replace the electrolytes without causing fluid overload.

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Three stents were placed in the thigh area at this time, with absolutely no beneficial affects. My 54 year old sister has consistent swelling on her entire left side. The GI docs were wanting to do an EGD when she was stabilized and after FOUR units of blood had infused so, for this patients sake, the faster, the better. But if this is over a large area, especially if you are feeling numbness, you shouldn’t hesitate to have it looked at. I’m beginning to wonder if I was just a lucky one.

Very rare do we see young folks or those with few medical problems. 2 week period my husband gained 60 lbs. The places of entry in my groin still throb when I walk for even the amount of time it takes to do my grocery shopping. And there could be a number of causes. I went back to the doctor who said “I’ve never had anything like this ever happen to one of my patients” and simply told me take aspirin! I’m beginning to get a grasp on things by reading your posts.

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Possibly you are sensitive to something added to the transfusion fluid. Fluctuates with my periods n also with my salt intake but it began 2 yrs bapck when i was treated in hospital with 4 iv plus oral antibiotics simultaneously for my complicated typhoid and brucellosis. I do not urinate very often. Thanks heaps, just spent all morning trying to tie it all in, now I might have got it after reading your post! I could still use a little clarification on how hypertonic solution can help with fluid overload.

These causes vary from person to person. It is not really possible to reverse a problem unless you know what is causing it. I am a 42yo male with a history of ulcerative colitis since I was 20yo. In fact, even though these dextrose solutions are hypertonic, once the dextrose is absorbed by the body then only pure water or saline is left in the blood vessels.

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The diarrhoea may also play a part in this. Was an error committed during the surgery? Carry a bottle of water around with you and drink it throughout the day. I’ve always had a nice shape but lately I feel extremely bloated, hungry all the time, I know I need to drink more water, and I’m getting cellulite too. Do you understand what Hypertonic solutions are? I had my monthly intragam infusion, and over the next 24hrs I noticed the fluid.

The cardiologist tells her the pain has nothing to do with the surgery. Bloating can be a sign that your digestive system is inflamed. Groin pain was significantly worse than after the first angiogram. Now we don’t know if she is going to make it. No blood, no pain or feelings of sickness.

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Hello Linda I had a question. It’s important to eat right, especially fresh foods rich in B vitamin and zinc and magnesium. My question is unless your left-handed it would be easier to do as compared to a right handed Dr? I don’t eat a lot but the weight doesn’t come off.

I love teaching, and wish I could be EVERYONE’s professor! Ann, immobility does tend to cause water retention, as the lymphatic system cannot drain fluid away when you are lying or sitting still. Could this be a nickel sensitivity? I’m excited for you-if you’re like me, you’re probably nervous but figure at this point things could certainly not get any worse. I’m now able to sit up for about 3.

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I have sigificant swelling and pain. Checked my kidney, liver heart thyroid and they also checked and they did other blood work everything is normal. I don’t understand why she said that.

Hi T from minnesota, this is Laurel from Atlanta. Eileen — you wouldn’t be having complications from caths that were done so long ago. Hope I found this a little bit earlier though. Please research all procedures, hospital, and doctors before have such dangerous procedures. I am having a lot of pain in my right groin and thigh area, my doctors said it was nerve damage and there is nothing i can take for it, the pain is unbearable at times, is there anything i can take for this, it hurts just to lift my leg from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. My cardiologist and family physician has dismissed my pain by telling me this is highly unlikely.

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In response to Holly in Maine and P. I went from 120 to 142. The doctor and I realised it was the increased amount of water I had been drinking. It is hard to tell without working with you over a period of 2-3 months. How can I put 5lb of weight on in 1 weekend. I completed a cardiac rehab and since went on to resume a normal routine, only with one problem, continuing progressive intense pain in my leg.

I am using the restroom thee to five times a day. I went to the ER at the closest hospital and they transfered me to the hospital I had the Angiogram done at. The cardiologist prescribed pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication for 5 days.

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I had an angiogram on 23rd May. Take some time to try to understand the information here. The only processed foods I eat is bread which isn’t even everyday. I have difficulty rolling over in bed, and pain each morning when I awake. He dictated how fast he wanted it to go and thats how i gave it. Her stomach was swollen and it was huge.

Check the box below if you wish Angioplasty. I just had Cardio-Catherization last week, and ever since have had a deep throbbing pain from my groin, and sharp stabbing ones from groin down to my toes. The first problem was when the Dr. Denise again, I went to the vascular surgeon. I did go to my primary doctor and he looked at the site and said it looks good.

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Recently had a heart cath in the groin. And Kathy — actually stents don’t have questionable reps — they’ve been pretty successful. Finally I am beginning to understand fluids. He knew exactly how long he had to “waste” in there getting transfused and he wanted OUT when he wanted out. See the rest of this site for more information. The swelling occurs because the diuretics have taught your body to hold on to water.

Yes, it is true that cellulite can be a form of water retention, where water gets trapped with fatty tissue. I also have type 2 diabetes. Two weeks tomorrow since the ultrasound on my leg. We do suggest you talk to the doctors or other medical professionals and ask them to explain exactly what happened — make sure you understand and ask questions.

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I wrote to the Forum in Sept. Since then I have had extreme bruising on my right thigh and loss of sensation. I am 64yrs old for probably 30yrs of that since I have had my last child I have very swollen ankles and my knees are hugh and my legs and arm are very sore to touch, I have my heart checked and it was ok and my kidney function is perfect. I developed pain in my right leg afterward – lower back, hip, thigh, knee and calf. I was when I was pregnant.

Basically I know that I won’t be able to sleep for at least half an hour as I need to wee alot first. My 84 year old mom had a massive stroke , heart attack during a heart stent procedure. If I had been nicked, should I be responsible to pay? You provided great information for me to use to back up my argument as to why diabetic patients excrete so much water in the form of urine and sweat, and also why they take in more water.